The best io games to play with friends

Browser games don’t appear with the flashiest rendering, but they offer the best gaming experience. There are lots of great free games to play directly in your browser, and it’s not difficult to run them.

1. is always at the top of the rankings of the games worth playing. When you play this game, it will make you crave to eat all the small glowing dots to grow your snake. You can also have beautiful snakes with extended and slightly wider growth when you eat the different colored dots scattered around.
This game does not let you directly eat enemies, but if you are smart and time enough, you can turn them into your food. It will make your enemies disappear, leaving countless glowing spots to collect. Let play and become the best snake ever.


Although has a simple style, with graphics as colored circles on the grid, all the challenges it brings to you are tough. You can only start with a small dot, but when you eat every colored dot around you, you will become more significant. As a small circle, you can move quickly and efficiently to avoid the large circles trying to devour you. The bigger you are, the bigger the foods you need to eat.
Besides, you can also divide your circle into circles of different masses to eat smaller dots. This game offers a variety of game modes, including group play. It increases the enjoyment of the playing experience.

3. Treasure Arena

This fascinating adventure game offers you dungeon battles to earn valuable treasures. You will join this match with three other players. As long as the time is up, you can revive at any time. However, every time you die, you will lose some gold. The game’s biggest goal is to earn as much gold as possible before the time is over.
You can also use many different powers during the process around the dungeon to live longer. In these dungeons, some too many other players are trying to protect the treasure and will be ready to attack if you come near them. If you want to fight them, you can only upgrade your weapons.

4. Isleward

It is an exciting game that allows you to choose which character you want to incarnate before entering the city of Stratford yourself. Here, you will be given a bearing of yourself, and you must try to learn how to line up discovery and action. Besides, you can also kill a few low-level monsters to level up.
Finally, you must meet other people and convince them to adventure with you. The game will be more fun if you play in a group of many different, more influential characters. A vast world, countless islands, and lots of spoils are waiting for you to explore.


These best io games are for everyone, and there are no restrictions. If you are ready to get rid of boredom or kill time, these are the games you should play. Let tell your friends to play now and have fun!