The seven most downloaded Shooter games of all time

Shooter games are games that feature a wide range of either guns or assassination missions. This type of games is famous for its Action elements that enable the player to show off the personal shooting skills. Even more, the thrill and “brain-hack” factors in numerous combats are also attractions that attract millions of players coming to Shooter games. Today, let’s name the seven most downloaded Shooter games of all time with us and save yourself some of the game community’s most fabulous creatures!

Half Life

Opening the list of the seven most downloaded Shooter games of all time is Half Life. Half Life is probably the classic type in the genre of Shooter games. This game was developed by Valve, and it tells a story about the protagonist Gordon Freeman, who is also knowns as Physic PhD survived after an incident at his laboratory. In this game, you will take the role of the protagonist and experience tons of challenges at the team and personal deathmatches. After each time combat, the player will be upgraded with new skills and experience.

Alien Shooter

If you love Shooter games with Strategies and Monster Simulation, then this first instalment in the franchise of Alien Shooter is perfect for you. To endure your character’s life in this game, you need a real man’s strength to deal with loads of incredible monsters coming both from in and outside of the planet.


For those who do not like violent and gore games, you can play light but no less attractive games. Typically the game bad ice cream 3 online


At the third place of the list is a representative coming from Viet Nam, Battlefield. The game takes place in the middle of the war between Viet Nam and America back in the 50s. Battlefield has been attracting not only the gamers from its mother country but also the worldwide players that love to learn about the strength and braveness of the people in Viet Nam. All the elements coming from this game such as graphics, interface, weapons are brilliant and worth anyone attention.


GTA 4 is an excellent choice for people who enjoy having a light but still addictive Shooter games on their devices. What’s exciting about GTA 4 is that this game enables the player to do things that they aren’t able to commit in the actual world. The fresh elements from this game encourage the players to forget about themselves in real life and roll with the punches!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In the popular franchise of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare is considered to be a breakthrough instalment with various characters and the incredible flexibility for each role, etc. Anyone who has tried Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has to admit that this game’s graphics are excellent. Everything in the game is so well-drawn and detailed that the player, though his first-person perspective will feel like he is actually experiencing a real-world adventure in the role of an assassin.

Assassin’s Creed 4

Having expanded its reach to the mobile gaming community, Assassin’s Creed 4 has the gameplay which is a complication of Shooting and Sword Cutting. The game sets in a mysterious and ancient game world of the Roman Empire. The player will be experiencing a vast amount of adventures through new lands and fight against powerful forces.

Sniper Ghost Warrior

And at last, to close the list of the seven most downloaded Shooter games of all time, we’d like to introduce to you Sniper Ghost Warror. The positive points about Sniper Ghost Warrior are that this video game has a unique first-person perspective. Besides, the armour systems of the game are brilliant. The player can take advantage of their designing skills to create “badass” look for his weapons.

In conclusion

Are you happy with the list of the seven most downloaded Shooter games of all time we provided below? If you have any other game in mind and want everyone to know about it, please leave a commend below and maybe in our next article, your idea would be involved!