Remnant decryption: Puzzle game for advanced players

Mass Effect Andromeda is an excellent action and role-playing game that allows players to interact with the environment from the third-person perspective. In this game, Remnant Decryption puzzles are a regular occurrence and engaged during Pathfinder Ryder’s travels in the Helius Cluster. For this reason, they attract the attention of millions of gamers.
The fact that puzzles are found out when being locked Remnant technology on all planets of the Helius Cluster. They include a grid of Remnant Glyph symbols that must be organized in a detail in order to open the Remnant technology and corresponding rewards. In order to learn more detail about Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption. Let’s read the information below!

Remnant decryption

I. Mechanics

When Ryder focuses on interacting with locked Remnant technology, an interface will unlock to show the decryption puzzle.

Puzzles are designed consisting of a 4X4 or 5X5 grid of Remnant Glyph symbols. Red symbols are locked in place and blue symbols Ryder can be changed.

Glyphs must not repeat on any horizontal or vertical straight line.

Glyphs must not repeat in the boundaries of the interior blue lines of the puzzle grid.

Each Remnant decryption puzzle has its own fixed solution that does not change.

Certain puzzles are missing symbols now and this will be emphasized by “?” symbols. Ryder will be offered to scan the surrounding area using the scanner for the missing Glyphs. No Research Data (RD) is found for scanning a Glyph.


Submitting an incorrect option to the puzzle will immediately summon Remnant forces around Ryder which will have to be knocked out before Ryder can attempt to solve the puzzle again. Each incorrect solution will conclude hostile Remnant defenders.

In order to keep the process of solving a puzzle, Remnant decryption Keys can be used to get over the Remnant decryption and automatically find a correct solution for the puzzle. However, these are expensive objects that can be sold for a large amount of and have to potentially be saved. Note: While the in-game description of a Remnant decryption Key shows that all consoles can be bypassed, two puzzles can’t do that.

II. How Remnant decryption Puzzles work?

Remnant decryption puzzles are offered to solve many of the game’s alien interfaces – such as Vaults and Monoliths, as well as other terminals in side-quizzes and other areas – which offer you to essentially play a game like Sudoku, where instead of the numbers you own alien symbols.

If you’re not likely with Sudoku, then the purpose is to not duplicate any number (or in this case, a symbol) pass any row, column, or corner section of the grid. Find an empty place, scan the rows, columns and surrounding section, and add the symbol that’s unique.

How Remnant decryption Puzzles work?

It’s 100% easier said than done, and with many empty spots, there is a process of elimination related or working out which spots offer others to be handled first before you can be certain of their solution.If there are question marks showing up instead of symbols – which is usually the case at a Monolith – then you may have not looked for all the glyphs needed to solve it.

Basically, back out of the puzzle and scan the surrounding area to search the glyph area. SAM will show you when you have them all, and that the Remnant decryption puzzle is ready to be solved.

III. Remnant decryption Puzzles solutions

1. Eos Remnant decryption puzzles:

The Eos Monolith Remnant decryption puzzle solution in story task A Better Beginning:

Speak to SAM to begin the Ryder Family Secrets side task, and then straight to the Tempest, your new home with the stars. You’ll be given anadventurous tour and introduced to the crew, and finally, you’ll be on your way traveling to the planet Eos in the Pytheas system.

Eos Remnant decryption puzzles

Investigate the power relay station

Once you’ve set foot on the planet head to the tool. The door is, of course, locked, so you’ll need to chase the next marker. Examine the datapad on the table then get back to the first building.

Take advantages of the console inside, then get back outside and find your way to the generator building. Someone has kept themselves inside and won’t let you in yet, but he will enable to give the generators for you.

Scan the power pylons to search an interface, Activate power pylons, Defeat the Kett, Reactivate the magic relay station

Turn the nearby generator on and then scan the small pylon beside. Once SAM recognizes the control access point jump onto the scaffolding and activates the pylon, then go to the second one and repeat the process. A Kett dropship will show up so you’ll need to faceagainst them and then you’ll finally get a connection to the building. Turn on the power controls inside and then open for the new marker.

Reactivate the magic relay station

Scan containers to search a vehicle, Call down a forward station, Open the Nomad Container, Get in the Nomad

Scan the large square door at the end of the container then use the keypad on the side next to it, then search for the next marker to drop your first Forward Post.

Turn back again, enter the research building next to the large container and go into the terminal inside, then get back out and use the keypad on the container to open the Nomad.

Investigate the strange signal – Look for a glyph to scan

Get inside it and drive to the marker, then move out and scan the terminal in the center of the location before connectingto it. SAM will tell you to need to locate some deeper information, so find the scanner again and follow the yellow highlighted cables and scan the items on the tops of the pillars before returning to the terminal.

2. Kadara Remnant Decryption puzzles:

The Kadara Monolith Remnant decryption puzzle, which you’ll have to finish as part of Kadara: Healing Kadabra’s Heart:

Kadara Vault

Once at the vault’s lower level, unlock the emergency power console, and then open the smaller terminals – the force field cover each will destroy your shields, and while that doesn’t affect much in this room you will come across them again later

Inside the next room, jump over the gap via the columns to the left, connect to the terminal to lower the columns ahead, and get over to the far side.

Unlock the next terminal to open the main door – to begin the purification process you’ll need to first open the smaller consoles around the room whilst facing with a horde of Remnant. There are many shield eating force fields saving each terminal, so get in and out as fast as you can.

As soon as the purification process startsto unlock the terminal just outside the door and then turn right.

Kadara Remnant Decryption puzzles

3. Elladan Remnant Decryption puzzles:

The two Elaaden Monolith Remnant decryption puzzles, which you’ll have to accomplish as part of Elaaden: Taming a Desert:

Elladan Monolith and Glyphs

Only two of the towers have puzzles to solve, and the tactic is actually getting to the glyphs. Search for smaller terminals on the platforms near the larger ones and take them to raise some columns you can use to find the inaccessible areas.

Elladan Vault

Get into the vault and use the gravity well to descend. Unlock the terminal and five smaller ones will show up near the door. Connect to the right-hand terminal, and then the one to its left, and the door will be unlocked.

Once inside the main area, unlock the terminals on the right-hand side of the higher platform to raise a few sets of columns, then jump over to the two terminals on the other side and open those to raise a more column in the center.

Activate that, then get back to the main platform and jump over to the far side.

During the side-mission “Elladan: Investigate the Remnant Derelict” there is a puzzle to be taken a deep look. Here’s the Elladan: Investigate the Remnant Derelict Remnant decryption puzzle so solution and glyph location.

Voile Remnant decryption puzzles

4. Voile Remnant decryption puzzles:

There are three Voeld Monolith Remnant decryption puzzles, which you’ll have to finish as part of Voeld: Restoring a World:

Voile Monolith and Glyphs

The southernmost Remnant puzzle is placed in a cave below the marker which concludes the terminal and one of the three glyphs, but the other two glyphs are stayed above ground just head straight to the northeast of the sign.

Voile Vault

Voile Remnant decryption puzzles

Once you have done the above,get into the Vault and use the gravity well to descend, unlock the terminal, and get inside.

It’s really cold in here, but there are small shielded pockets around a few heaters – keep an eye on your life bars and use yourself out when needed.

When you enter the main chamber use the terminal in front of you to unlock a new path to the left. Jump over, and then warm yourself up by the chimney – once you use the terminal here the heater turns off meaning you have got out of time to get over the next section.

When you’re ready, open the terminal – this will cause another one to show up. Open that, move to the next one, and redo until they’ve all been activated.

You can now accomplish the first one to get yourself out again, but make sure to unlock it again when you’re ready.

Return to the initial platform, unlock the terminal again, and find your way to the other side. Beat down the Remnant in the area, open the terminal, and then run as quick as you can get back to the gravity well to switch off the “cleansing field”.

Each task page with a puzzle has the section of text containing if additional Glyphs need to be scanned if the puzzle can’t be got over, and a hyperlink to the “Quizz Done” level at last with a sign of the finished puzzle to make you a winner. The list of puzzles below is a quick suggestion of all puzzles and solutions that can be solved. Refer to each task for the details of the location and any puzzle requirements.