Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mods

With new mods installed, you can achieve to be anything and do anything in your favorite games. We have various kinds of mods – those that only do the job of introducing a new character into the game, or other mods which can totally change how the game looks like. This article was written as a list to list out the top 6 Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 mods.

There’s no order for these mods are in no order. However, we believe that these mods are pretty well-known to regular and enthusiastic gamers in the community at this time. It’s time to proceed and read on to find out what are the top 6 mods for this very like-able game – Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Note that most of these best star wars battlefront 2 mods can be quite heavy, and that some of them can’t be installed together – if you don’t want to experience a game crash or loss of file saves, then be thoughtful before installing too many mods in the same game folder!

1. Conversion Pack

Conversion Pack

 If you’ve been a hardcore fan of this game and used a lot of mods, then you’ve probably noticed that this pack has been around since 2008. Old but still gold, this mod is still considered one of the best star wars battlefront 2 mods. With this mod being installed, you will be able to explore 22 new maps in the game, along with 50 extra Heroes. There’s no denying that this is a perfect mod for players who are always thirsty for new content from the Star Wars universe.

2. Battlefront Extre

Battlefront Extreme

 Once you’ve installed this mode, you have the chance to witness the differences between individual Clone Troopers – these include some amazingly detailed classes along with some advanced troopers like the jetpacking dark trooper. If you’re a gamer who like variety, then this mod is a great mod and definitely must be installed in your game folder ASAP!

3. Dark Times II: Rising Son

Dark Times II: Rising Son

 This mod features 16 new maps, including planets from the Expanded Universe pack like Nar Shaddaa and Taris. The common and simple slash-and-block default controls   will be replaced by a more complicated lightsaber system (there are light, heavy, and Force combo attacks). Dark Times II: Rising Son also introduced the VIP mode, where each team protects their single hero while in the progress of hunting down the opposing VIP for in-game points. But the best feature of all mentioned above must be a full Galactic Conquest campaign of about 10 maps with objective-based missions charting the journeys of a special Rebel commando detachment which was under the requirement of Luke Skywalker.

 Before you install this mod, please note that the sheer size of Dark Times II nearly conflicts with the Conversion Pack. Therefore, you might encounter space issues with having both installed. It is sad that you can only go for one of these two best star wars battlefront 2 mods.

4. Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars

Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars

There are a huge amount of mods which try to replicate this mod, but Ultimate Battlefront: The Clone Wars will forever remain as one of the best star wars battlefront 2 mods due to its difference, which was thanks to its amazing class system. This mod has a randomization element that keeps things interesting all the times by giving you various classes and different weapons. Therefore, if players want to win at this mod, they will need to adapt to the changes – that sounds like a hell lot of fun already!

5. Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod

Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod

In a magical universe like Star Wars, such things like realism and appropriate physics aren’t quite synonymous. However, when it comes to the gritty details of zappy warfare, this mod called Tactical Enhanced Combat Mod does its best job of approximating how destructive fighting with amplified light might be.

This mod will overwrite a batch of core game files, so you should read the mod’s installation instruction carefully and back up the right data before proceeding.

6. Aquilaris: Deep Sea

Aquilaris: Deep Sea

 Aquilaris: Deep Sea is a fantastic tale of subterfuge and sabotage. While playing as an undercover Rebel in search of critical military intel, your main mission is to infiltrate an Imperial base; Whether you succeed or not depends on sticking to your cover identity and stay away from guns blazing. By interacting with people and database systems, this mod reveals a pretty engaging story. Since it is considered as one of the best star wars battlefront 2 mods, we strongly recommend this mod for you!