How many Titanfall 2 player count? What are best weapons

¬†Titanfall 2 is a great FPS multiplayer with fast, fire-smoke, and inventive gameplay. For those who have played this game, it offers an endless series of amazing moments. However, if you followed the headlines in the gaming press, you will realize that there are lots of debates and discussions about is it a failure since its release date on October 28, 2016. Lots of people worry about Titanfall 2 player count but some people who have played and loved it wonder about Titanfall 2 best weapons. No matter you played this game or not, this article will analyze detail about both Titanfall 2 player count and its best weapons. Let’s follow us to learn detail about these issues!

Titanfall 2 player count-best weapons

1. Titanfall 2 player count

In fact, the issue that most players interested in is Titanfall 2 player count. As mentioned above, there were too many debates and discussions related to this topic. Lots of people hesitate that should they buy this game when the number of players is not very high.

Why people worry about Titanfall 2 player count

In fact, the player count will reflect a part about how the success of a game is (of course, it isn’t all). However, with an FPS game like Titanfall 2, players worry that its primary value will come from multiplayer. The reason is because its single-player campaign only lasts from five to six hours. People fear that if the player numbers are low, it might be very difficult to find an online match in the next time after its release date.

On the first Saturday night after October 28 – Titanfall 2’s release date, there was only a little over 13,000 players online on PC. It is a modest figure. It doesn’t even crack the top 30 most popular first-person shooter games on Steam. This made lots of people worried.

How many Titanfall 2 player count?

How many maximum players count are there in Titanfall 2’s online match

Respawn Entertainment – the developer of Titanfall 2 has confirmed that the maximum number of players in a multiplayer match is only 6 on 6 on NeoGAF. However, they have tried a huge amount of player counts, redesigned maps, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and more to offer players the best experience. Since then, in an interview with Polygon, they said that the number of combatants can reach as 48. In which, there are 6 human players on each team. And each of them has their own AI-controlled Titan on the map and 12 AI soldiers per team. With this number of combatants, the numbers of enemies reach as high as 24. And you surely won’t be hard-pressed to find enemies to shoot. So, this is the first reason why you shouldn’t worry about Titanfall 2 player count.

Besides that, if you have played this game, you will realize that it’s genuinely innovative and fresh with fast-paced addictive gameplay and familiar controls. It even shines more brightly than Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Several statistics about Titanfall 2 player count

If you still wonder about Titanfall 2 player count, below are some updated data for you to check!

  • Player count on PC:
  • At weekend (on Saturday, April 07, 2018), the numbers of players online are 2163 at 8:30 PM CEST.
  • On the weekday (on Friday, April 06, 2018), the numbers of player online are 1895 at 8 PM CEST.
  • Player count on PS4:
  • At the weekend (on Saturday, May 12, 2018), the numbers of player online are 4508 at 6 PM BST.
  • On the Weekday (on Thursday, May 31,2018) the numbers of players are 4884 at 10:30 PM BST
  • Player count on Xbox One
  • At the weekend (On Saturday, May 12, 2018) the numbers of players online at 6 PM BST are 6099.
  • On the weekday (on Thursday, May 31, 2018), the numbers of player online at 10:30 PM BST are 5715.

2. Titanfall 2 best weapons

For those who have played Titanfall 2, its brilliant gameplay and intuitive weapon and movement systems make them feel a feeling of an extremely satisfying experience. With a first-person shooter game like Titanfall 2, weapons are so important. Let’s explore all the best weapons in Titanfall 2 by reading the review below!



In this list of Titanfall 2 best weapons, EVA-8 is a remarkable name. It is an excellent shotgun that can be used in all level of this game. It’s able to drop the pilots of your enemy in close-quarters battles instantly and with just one shot. This gun is famous for a decent range for a shotgun. Its low rate of fire can make the follow-up shots slow. For this reason, you should use it for one-hit kills when possible. In case you are in a long-range firefight, let’s try to find a safe route and close the gap between your enemies. After that, give them a shotgun blast to their face.

In addition, you also should try to find buildings that have the highest amounts of traffic, firing your pistol to attract your enemy pilot to your location. When they run into the building, they are in your sights and you can kill them in one shot.



Volt is a submachine gun with impressive ability to make damage at most ranges and easily outclassing the likes of the carbine. It has the best accuracy in all entire game. Moreover, its impressive fire rate can destroy the pilots of enemies into pieces. For this reason, Volt is considered as one of the best weapons in Titanfall 2.

The recommendation for you is to try to use it at the range from medium to close. The reason is that the blue tracers can reveal your location. In case you are firing at a target that is at the other end of the map, you need to make sure that your speed of changing location is faster than the speed of your opponents. There are no special tactical or strategy for this gun and you can use it to rack up your enemies.

Hemlok BF-R

Hemlok BF-R

With the ability to fire highly accurate and make damage impressively, Hemlok BF-R is a great gun on the battlefield. It’s able to shoot down a pilot with just 4 shots and the number of shots can be reduced more when using Amped Weapons Boost. When being used with Amped Weapons Boost, Hemlok brings us the feeling that it is unstoppable. However, this gun has a weakness when used to against the highly mobile opponents. Because of its burst fire nature, it’s very difficult to land all the necessary hits.

In order to cover this weakness, you should pack a few Arc Grenades to slow down all the pesky pilots that are difficult to hit instantly. In addition, at the close range, Hemlok is completely outclassed by most pilot weapons, so, defensive playstyle and shooting from advantage positions (at mid and long ranges) are the great tactical for you when using this weapon.

X-55 Devotion

X-55 Devotion

The prominent features of this weapon are a ridiculous rate of fire, high rate of damage, decent range, and accurate hipfire. It is able to mow down so many opponents easily just in a few seconds. In addition, the ability to increase fire rate following the time players hold down the trigger also make people be impressed. Although its starting rate of fire on the first few rounds is quite slow, this can’t hinder the performance of this weapon at all. In addition, Devotion can ensure that it can kill in 3 hits no matter your distance.

A recommendation for you when using this weapon is that let’s make sure you don’t stay in assault rifle range until activated your Amped Weapons Boost.



The last weapon in this list of Titanfall 2 best weapons is G2A5. This is the most reliable gun in this game when offering a consistent killing potential at all ranges. It can shoot down pilots in all ranges so when you are in larger maps, it’s the best choice for you. The only downside of this gun is so bad hipfire accuracy. However, you still can cover it if having a decent sidearm. In addition, a great tactical with this weapon also help you increase your survivability. Let’s use G2A5 in long-range combat and avoid using it in close range combat if possible. With a sheer reliability, this is a great gun for both newbies or experienced pilots.

Conclusion: Above are all information and review about Titanfall 2 player count as well as its best weapons. In fact, Titanfall 2 is really an excellent first-person shooter game to play and enjoy. Although the player count isn’t high as expected, you never worry that there are few enemies to shoot in this game. Besides that, with reviews about the best weapons in the game and tactical for each one, you can enjoy this game much more.

Finally, if you have anything need to discuss, please feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below. We are very happy to help you answer all of your questions.